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When you buy one of the Beltrami Gastronomy boxes, you do not only get truly delicious and nutritious cheese and oil, you also support 4 pillars of artisan responsible farming.


Vittorio Beltrami & family

Philosopher-farmer who cares & preserves traditions. The philosophy and methods of the company are those that Vittorio Beltrami called “Retro-Innovation”, i.e. to have the past as a starting point, our roots and our history, so that the inevitable innovation demanded by the changing times is carried out with harmony, respect and harmony with the environment.

True vegetarian cheese

Relatively to cow milk, the goat one has less milk fat globules and casein micelles allowing better digestion; a higher proportion of fatty acids with health benefits; casein composition closer to human casein composition associated with less allergies; better availability of calcium and iron. Importantly to vegetarians, to produce cheese, Beltrami family uses only vegetarian rennet (from fig leaves).

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True artisan olive oil

No cutting corners to maximise profit: Beltrami's olives are picked by hands and crushed by granitie stones to make extra virgin olive oil. Cold mechanical grinding is the best way to preserve all the vitamins.

Respect animals & nature

Beltrami believes that animals must be treated with compassion and respect. That is why goats live in familiy units (with natural pregnancies), grazing on the hills of Marche and kids are left with their mothers for breastfeeding.

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